Mary 2.0

In December 2016 I wrote my last blog post for Mary 2.0 because it was time, after a marathon-like year of addiction recovery, to start afresh. Here’s my last post from the blog.

This is Goodbye.

A year ago I began my true sober journey. It started off with a drink I didn’t know I was going to take and a realization this was something I couldn’t do on my own. Nothing dramatic happened such as a DWI or the loss of my family or job. But it was suddenly clear I could lose everything if I didn’t take drastic steps.

Last fall I was in deep, deep denial that I had a handle on things and that I could just go cold turkey. Marching straight ahead by sheer will and determination. I was seeing a wonderful therapist who I now understand was letting me find my way through this – sometimes with gentle suggestions. One of the suggestions I took, when I was finding it difficult to articulate how I was feeling, was to write about it. She told me to go deep.

What resulted was this blog which brought me through my first year of sobriety and has done exactly what I hoped it would do when I titled it: Mary 2.0, my journey to a richer life. Life has become very rich indeed and it isn’t about having the “perfect” life where everything is wonderful all the time. It has been about embracing life in all it’s messiness and feeling a sense of peace, hope and love in the face of it.

I have felt so grateful to have been able to share my journey and to receive so much wonderful encouragement along the way. The journey is far from over but it feels like it’s a good time to say goodbye. Thank you for accompanying me and until we meet again, be well.