Still Running

Today’s blog comes to you from the gym where I just completed my workout. Liam had a basketball game today where there was another crazy incident involving a ref, one of our players and the coach. This one had racial undertones which was incredibly inappropriate on the refs part. It was an unfortunate end to a great game where our boys gave everything they had.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy, spent napping and reading, and more napping. Today is a gym day but I hadn’t gone yet. I was going to blow it off and go tomorrow since I have the day off. But then I figured there is no time like the present! So at 5:30, I grabbed my sneakers, phone and Kindle and headed to the gym.

They only run until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t have much time. I’ve been mixing up my run walk times by experimenting with various speeds. I think I was starting out too fast and losing steam quickly. I’m onto a good setting now and I’m doing more jogging than running but altogether less walking. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more over the next few weeks.

I’m not sure what the end goal is, but I’m hoping to lose a bit of weight and be in better shape when we head to Costa Rica next month. I am feeling more fit which is a positive result. The warning announcement that the gym is closing came on so I guess I’m out of here.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


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