Encrusted in Poetry

Today I poked around some blogs based on today’s prompt, encrusted, and happily found some new writers to follow.  I love seeing how everyone has used the word, especially in poems because of how succinct and powerful they can be. Poetry was once very important in my life and I’ve kind of gotten away from it lately. I have a book of poems I keep at my work desk when I look for something to take me away from the sometimes boring number crunching I do. I haven’t changed it out since I’ve been here (nearly eight years) and I think it’s time for a new volume.

At home, I mostly read poetry by Shel Silverstein with my son. One of my favorite poets I discovered in high school was Edna St. Vincent Millay and after my brother died, I turned to a few of her poems over and over (Renascence mostly). Awaiting me in Florida is a book of poetry by Mary Oliver and I’m looking forward to picking it up again. I also love to read poetry aloud (even if it’s just to myself) but I feel a bit conspicuous about it when others are around.

High school and college were when I did most of my poetry writing. It helped me make sense of so many situations including heartache, grief, confusion, injustices (rarely happy occasions!). I’ve thought of trying my hand at it again but it seems my poetry mind may have dried up. I may give it a try again while I’m away on vacation next week.

I didn’t find much inspiration for my own use of encrusted, but it got me thinking about poetry again so I can be thankful for that! Thanks to all of you who have inspired me today.



9 thoughts on “Encrusted in Poetry”

  1. I used to be kind of embarrassed about my poetry, so I kept it to myself – except when I wrote something satirical, but not long after I started blogging, I shared a poem about a cat, and it was well-received. I haven’t looked back since. Now I rarely find the time for any other kind of writing.

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  2. Sweet post, Mary! If you haven’t already, treat yourself to some of former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins’s poetry. He is my very favorite contemporary poet. I feel like my poetry improved drastically after discovering him. He’s also great to listen to. I highly recommend the audio cd _Billy Collins Live_! Enjoy!

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging,


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  3. Poetry is a personal thing I find. It speaks to you or it doesn’t. I’m into upbeat positive poetry or poetry about the universe, emotions, stuff like that. Happy Holidaying and hope you find a poetry book you enjoy. “)

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