Shopping for Sneakers

I realized once we got to Florida that I didn’t have a pair of sneakers down here. I had bought an extra pair to keep here but I guess I brought them home with me when I was here last summer. I was planning to keep up with my running/jogging program this week because if I take the week off from it, it will be too hard to start back up again. I also gave up shopping for Lent so this presented a bit of a conundrum.

I wanted to go to the gym so I decided I needed to buy a new pair of sneakers and after breakfast, we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is dangerous for me to enter a store of any kind but as we entered the shopping center Dick’s is in, a wonderous, almost astral vision appeared before me. A brand new HomeGoods!

Well, I was a little put off when we first decided to buy a house here that the nearest HomeGoods was an hour away. We practically have one around the corner from our house in NY. And now here was one, bright and shiny and new. I had to go in. There are a couple of things I’ve been looking for for the house and I told myself the shopping for this house doesn’t apply to my Lenten sacrifice because I’m only here a couple times a year and it’s not like I’m looking for knickknacks.

I almost made it out of the store without a purchase but as we were leaving I found a perfect little teak bistro set. I didn’t even check with Jim which I usually do when I’m making a furniture type purchase. I snapped it up because the thing about HomeGoods is that their inventory is one of a kind and doesn’t last long.

Afterward, we made it to Dick’s and I found some running shoes and once we returned home, I lost all will to visit the gym. We enjoyed lunch at the new bistro set and I thinks it’s time for a little snooze and reading time under the shade of the back patio. My dad likes to talk though, so we’ll see how it goes.

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