The Philosophy of Kanye West


Yesterday as I was perusing my Twitter feed and something weird kept popping up. Retweets of random messages from Kanye West. I am not a follower and I don’t subscribe to the whole Kardashian way of living so I was a little surprised by this.  How did these tweets make their way into my timeline? Why is everyone retweeting Kanye? Why did The Skimm’s top link today reference this tweet storm? Turns out Kanye is writing a book about philosphy. And guys, he’s doing it in real time on Twitter. I am questioning what kind of parallel universe I’m living in.

I like to go right to the source of things so I made my way over to his Twitter feed and clicked follow. Am I falling into a trap here? Thanks to my stint working in a newsroom, I think I have a healthy dose of cynicism skepticism and so immediately tried to discern a motive for his sudden interest in writing these brief tweets. Is Kanye’s philosophizing all about drawing eyeballs to himself? So he can sell more whatever? Albums. Clothing. Lifestyle. Page views. Some of the things he was saying seem to go against the entire grain of what the Kardashians seem to be about.

Here’s a quote I found from the article at the link above:


Does this sound like his wife much? Maybe I’m being harsh but Kim seems to have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs. Of herself. Selfies everywhere you go. How does this sit with the current iteration of Kanye West? Is it time to get rid of everything?

So Kanye had a tweet-storm of words yesterday and some of it even made sense.

I guess sometimes wise words can come from unexpected sources. Is it original? No. One of his tweets is a direct shout out to this.

It’s a good reminder to live in the now. To put away your phone and tune into yourself. But I still think there’s an ulterior motivation here.


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