The Royals, Not Like Us


In case you are living without access to information, a new Royal made their way into the world yesterday. And if you’re reading this, you certainly have access to information and a lot better sources than this blog for news about the Royal family. I am not overly gaga about them but it’s hard to miss when they are in the news every day with Kate giving birth and Harry’s upcoming nuptials. And here’s my conclusion: The Royals, they are NOT like us.

How do I know this? Did you see pictures or videos of Kate seven hours after she gave birth to the yet-to-be-named Prince? She looked stunning. Stunning! I cannot look this good on my best day but she was dressed smartly: lovely dress, heels, full make-up and barley a bump where the baby had been and this is her third baby.  She bestowed upon us an ear-to-ear smile as she looked fondly at her newborn boy and then left the hospital shortly thereafter to head home.

This does not feel like my birth story at all. I went into the hospital early one morning to be induced only to have him come the next day after many, many hours of labor, sweat, tears, anger (no I don’t want any more ice chips!) and exhaustion. I could not have pulled myself together within seven hours of birth for public consumption if you paid me a million dollars. And why should she have been expected to do this? Someone asked on Twitter when we’d be seeing a man shortly after undergoing a colonoscopy which is not even in the same league as birthing a human.

I haven’t followed Kate’s pregnancy much but I recall her first one left her with such horrible morning sickness day in and out for the duration of her pregnancy. I cannot even imagine this as my pregnancy was fairly typical until I got to the end and couldn’t breathe very well, but I was rarely sick. Looking at this post birth picture, she sure makes having babies look easy. I hope she went home, took off her makeup and shoes and went right to bed letting everyone wait on her. No one should have to pull themselves so together mere hours after giving birth.


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