I’m messing up my resolutions already

I’m not sure why we circle around the date of January 1 to recalibrate our lives. Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, set new goals. The only goal I banged out of the park in 2018 was my reading goal which I consider research toward my goal of one day writing a novel.

But this year, as I was on my last minute shopping run to Barnes & Noble, my eyes lit up when I saw a daily calendar of writing prompts by Writer’s Digest. I have really missed the daily prompt on WordPress which was way more than just a prompt because it allowed me to connect with other writers and discover new voices and I admit it keeps me away from blogging regularly because I no longer get that daily email.

Will all that change in 2019 because I vow to write more? Time will tell but so far this year I haven’t looked at the first three pages of the calendar. I’m going to pull out my sick card though because I came down with a respiratory infection on New Year’s Eve and I’m crawling my way back to feeling like a normal human being after finally visiting the doctor today.

So looking closer at the calendar I only see one prompt a week, on Tuesdays. I think that sounds doable. The rest of the pages are inspiration, advice from bestselling authors, etc. I think I’ll go back to January 1st tomorrow and see what I can come up with from the prompt.

How are your goals coming along?


7 thoughts on “I’m messing up my resolutions already”

    1. Thanks for reading. I think what inspires me to write is when things aren’t going so well – when I write it out I get better clarity. I think many of us miss those prompts! Here’s to 2019 and more writing.

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  1. Great post and seeing that we are now on day 5 of 2019, I can truthfully say I appear to be in the same boat as the rest of you. But……and there is the proverbial ‘but’, the year is young. There is hope for us all yet. Now where did I put my pen and paper? 🙂

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