Girl seeks inspiration

Lately I’ve been writing posts that may never make it out of the drafts folder. My thoughts seem so lackluster and a little hollow. Here’s what I did yesterday, blah, blah, blah. I’m trying to scrape meaning from something, anything, so I can turn it into a brilliant and soul crushing observation. Inspiration is just slightly out of reach, though. Well, maybe more than slightly.

I’m currently on my own for a few days at our home in Florida, getting it ready for renters who will arrive at the end of the month. There are still a couple days left and I want to use the time to really get started on writing something more than a blog post. I’ve got my legs draped over my favorite chair, alternating between The Alice Network and a Brene Brown book I picked up yesterday but I can’t stay focused and the task of writing morning pages holds no interest for me.

I’m content, though. It’s quiet and peaceful. I can just sit here pecking away at the keyboard on my phone, a cup of coffee by my side. No one to care if I shower and dress. My lovely journal is within reach and day is starting to dawn outside.

These are the kind of days I rarely get back home. I feel laying around, particularly now that I’m unemployed, will be unacceptable to me when I return. That I will feel the need to earn my keep by making things nice around the house. Being super mom and super wife. School volunteer and job seeker extraordinare. Right now is kind of a bubble. Anything and everything is possible if only I could hear what the universe is trying to tell me. I’m listening.


4 thoughts on “Girl seeks inspiration”

  1. Gee – it must be a ‘that time of the year’ moment because I am going through a similar dry spell. Sometimes ideas come to me and I have no problem sitting down at the computer and at least get some quick draft on paper (or at least in Microsoft Word so that I can play around with it later on) but lately ……………..Nada, Zilch, Blank, I got Diddly-squat. Soon, though, maybe my muse will come back to me as I am sure yours will come back to you.

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    1. I hear you. That’s why I have so many unpublished drafts lately. I think I needed to keep writing the crap even if I’m just writing I don’t know what to write!


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