What do you love?


Lately, I have been doing some fun writing exercises (exercise and fun in the same sentence!). One was to choose several books and copy the first lines. As I was looking around my house for various books to pull first lines from, I ended up in our loft which houses all the papers and stuff that has no particular home. I found some long lost (and beloved) books and after copying a few first sentences, I began to write about a particular memory of reading a book I hadn’t seen in many years. It was pretty cool.

Another exercise challenged me to come up with a list of 100 things I love and I almost skipped it. Do I love 100 things? It turns out I do and once I started, I couldn’t stop and I’m adding to it every day. It is somewhat akin to a gratitude list. Here it is:

  1. puppies
  2. my family
  3. ice cream
  4. blank journals
  5. cozy sweaters
  6. rain
  7. chicken wings
  8. freshly brewed coffee
  9. pedicures
  10. old movies
  11. peonies
  12. sunshine
  13. kittens
  14. fireplaces
  15. stacks of books
  16. flip flops
  17. freckles
  18. tootsie rolls
  19. London
  20. board games (Scrabble!)
  21. the weekly Target flyer
  22. that feeling as you are drifting off to sleep
  23. candles
  24. a full tank of gas
  25. puzzles
  26. girl’s night out
  27. dressing up
  28. the smell of movie theater popcorn
  29. at home movie nights with my son
  30. Dewey Beach
  31. chicken tikka masala
  32. skiing
  33. movies that make me cry
  34. airplane trips
  35. trying on new makeup
  36. teppanyaki
  37. an inspiring homily
  38. museums
  39. the smell of a bookstore
  40. waffles
  41. my bathrobe
  42. basketball games
  43. baking cookies
  44. new shoes
  45. an empty laundry basket
  46. procrastinating
  47. checking things off a list
  48. trying new restaurants
  49. trivia
  50. driving into the Adirondacks
  51. cozy blankets
  52. photo albums
  53. the poem Renascence by Edna St. Vincent Millay
  54. lobster
  55. writing
  56. having a faith
  57. Philosophy renewed hope in a jar
  58. Christmas Eve
  59. organizing
  60. hair appointments
  61. helping someone else
  62. lying in a hammock
  63. garbage day
  64. visiting new libraries
  65. dim sum
  66. water
  67. feeling peaceful
  68. foreign movies
  69. New York City
  70. after a workout
  71. a jar full of change
  72. browsing a bookstore
  73. synchronicity
  74. holding hands for the Our Father
  75. classical music
  76. coincidences
  77. my engagement ring
  78. the beginning of the school year
  79. being early for appointments
  80. strawberry pop tarts
  81. fuzzy socks
  82. reading on the beach
  83. being the first one up
  84. Paris
  85. a kid’s play
  86. day trips
  87. a clean house
  88. riding a bike
  89. the hot tub
  90. a bouquet of balloons
  91. fine tip blue pens
  92. falling snow
  93. green jasmine tea
  94. horses
  95. our kitchen
  96. snuggling in bed
  97. family game night
  98. hanging out with friends
  99. peppermint taffy (The Fresh Market)
  100. road trips

What’s on your list?


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