My foray into YouTube


Yesterday I talked about my quest for a purpose. I dug into the passions of my youth and hitched onto the idea of doing something related to fashion. Over the past few months I have been consuming YouTube style and fashion videos (like they are sustenance) and secretly wondered if it was something I could do. All you need is a camera, right?

I’m here to say it’s super hard and not for the meek of heart! This past spring, I chose to start with a huge closet cleanout (ala Marie Kondo). I gathered everything I owned clothes-wise and dumped it all on top of my bed, going through it piece by piece and ruthlessly deciding what should stay or go. I filmed it all on my phone and uploaded it to my computer where I have film editing software (that I have yet to use). I couldn’t figure it out. At least I didn’t have the patience to figure it out and bring to screen what I imagined in my head.


When I looked back at the footage, with an uber critical eye, I decided it was a disaster. Nobody would want to watch! I was also unhappy with how I looked and wanted to lose some weight. Like I said, uber critical eye. I scrapped the footage and decided it wasn’t for me. There was so much happening in my life that I shelved the idea until after summer vacation and hopefully lost a few pounds.

A few weeks ago it became evident I’d need to replenish my fall clothing, including job interview clothes in case something comes up and I get called for an interview. Between the closet clean-out and losing a bit of weight, I was fortunate to be in need of some new clothes. Should I try a clothing subscription and film my unboxing and try-on? After a bit more back in forth (in my head) I decided, why not. What do I have to lose?


I ordered a box from Trunk Club specifying that I needed some job interview clothing. It’s pretty easy to do. You visit their website, enter your size and style information and sit back and wait to see what they come up with for you. Your stylist will prepare some outfits and put them on your dashboard on their website (or App). You can select which items to eliminate and switch colors if you want and then the stylist will go ahead and create a box based on that input. They charge a $25 styling fee (no charge for Nordstrom credit card holders) and that goes toward anything you select from the box.

I was extremely excited to receive my box about a week after I initiated the request. But I waffled over whether to film it. Again, I decided just to go for it. I set up my iPad to capture the footage and then began an introduction. And then another one. And another…. You get the picture. I must have filmed my intro 50 times! We are our own worst critics. I finally gave up and just started filming the clothes try on portion. And then it was time to edit which I did on my iPad with iMovie. It was surprisingly easy and painless although the footage is somewhat cringeworthy in parts.

After completing the video, I decided I wasn’t going to post it on YouTube because I couldn’t imagine doing this whole process over and over again. I had requested another box from a styling service called Fashom, but I didn’t like anything in the box and swiftly sent everything back losing my $15 styling fee. But in the name of trial and error, I decided to put my Trunk Club footage out there. I don’t know if styling unboxings are my jam but maybe I’ll give it another try.

Here is my dead serious rendition of a style unboxing and try-on.


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