Tackling Monday like a boss


Do you know anyone who schedules dentist appointments for Monday mornings, first appointment of the day? That would be me. Many, many years ago I learned about what happens when you schedule any sort of appointment for the middle of the day. I once waited in a doctors office for nearly two hours and it wasn’t for a “slot me in as soon as you can appointment” either. Things can go horribly wrong in anyone’s schedule but I usually find that first thing Monday mornings are not it. That’s when I have my car serviced, teeth cleaned or anything else I have a modicum of control over scheduling.

I certainly wasn’t thinking so highly of that idea this morning! Instead what I was thinking was, who in their right mind makes an 8 a.m. Monday morning dentist appointment?!  I also hate to be late for anything and Monday morning traffic is a killer and the amount of road construction I encountered would be comical if I wasn’t in a hurry. So instead I was five minutes late which I hoped would eliminate some part of the exam so they could stay on schedule but no, it was time for x-rays. I always manage to choke on those cardboard thingys they shove in your mouth too. I really don’t mind the dentist though and I was out in 45 minutes with fresh, clean teeth.

So what’s next on my schedule? I have made an untold number of trips to Walmart, Target, AC Moore (a craft store for school art class supplies), grocery, convenience and gas stores. There was still one item we didn’t cross off so in my head I did the Walmart vs. Target dance. Walmart is cheaper and more convenient to my home but sometimes it feels like it’s sucking out what’s left of my soul so I made a last minute turn and headed to Target. The one item I needed was a smallish black accordian folder that Amazon sells for $6. In retrospect it was a mistake to go to Target.

Have you seen the memes about Target? Go ahead and do a Google image search, I’ll wait.


These memes hit a little close to home to be funny. I cannot enter a Target without buying more things than what I went in for –  I’m pretty sure they have the market cornered on the unintended purchase segment. For instance I HAD to have the mug you see at the top of this post. It literally shouted at me (as I was casually walking past to get to the back corner of the store where they were hiding the back to school supplies): BUY ME. I will be a constant reminder that you have stuff to do, it said to me. And I’m only $4.99. In the end I had a cart full of items and was wondering why resume paper was still a thing – it was one of the few items on the sparsely stocked shelf in the back corner. I did not have the only item I needed which was an accordian folder.

I decided not to chance WalMart where the same thing might happen and instead went to my local Staples where these same $6 accordian folders are $16. Think of how much money I could have saved if I went to Staples first! But guys, now I’m ready to tackle Monday. It looks like I might be baking.







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