Writing Routine



Creativity is not something I associate with the word routine although I do love a good routine. Each morning I wake, say the rosary, meditate, write affirmations and then sit down to write. But first coffee. I don’t have a particular routine around my writing, though, but I’m starting to build one. First, the morning pages. I was writing them by hand for a long time, filling up notebook upon notebook but a couple of things happen when writing at length with a pen. I grip it hard and the nail of my ring finger digs into the palm of my hand leaving a throbbing indent. Also my hand goes a bit numb after a while. And then I discovered 750words.com and I moved my morning pages online, which is cheating, I know, but better than nothing. It also makes my writing searchable which is great.

Most times I stop right after finishing morning pages as it doesn’t always provide the desired inspiration to write more. But what about other rituals that can be incorporated into the writing routine? How could I shake it up a bit? Sometimes I write to music (always instrumental since I find songs with words take my mind to other things and I can’t concentrate). Currently I’m listening to a Bach compilation. Do you listen to music while you write? Another thing I’m trying is reading poetry before I begin, tapping into someone else’s creativity might help bolster mine. I have a small book of Mary Oliver poems that I’m currently reading and it does start the day in a nice way. Do you read for inspiration before you start writing?

Lately, I’m also incorporating essential oils as a background scent. Lemon, eucalyptus, an oil called awake which has multiple scents including orange, peppermint and cinnamon. Candles are also good but I’m currently out of my favorite jasmine scent. And then there is the place to write which I’ve been moving around quite a bit trying to finding a quiet and isolated spot due to all the activity in the house now that we are all home together. All day. Every day. This is probably my least favorite aspect of the virus, losing at least a couple of hours with the house to myself each day as I prefer to write with absolutely no one else around. Is that weird?

Writing clothes: comfort is key. I try to shower between morning pages and other writing so as to feel ready for the day and then I have a couple pair of these amazing pants from J.Jill that are comfortable without looking sloppy, paired with a loose long sleeve t-shirt or a colorful cotton top from Boden (something like this). I guess you would call it my uniform. Do you prefer a certain style in which to write or am I the only weirdo:)?

I’d love to hear about what your routines around writing are. What gives you inspiration? Send me your lists.

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