As a writer, wouldn’t it seem that observation is an important tool in one’s work? I thought about this yesterday morning as I was walking around the neighborhood, looking at plants I’d never seen before, the rabbits pausing on a dewy lawn for a quick snack, the tree with a seemingly perfect canopy of branches and leaves. But as I wandered and meanered and took in the scent of the day, waved at the other walkers passing on the other side of the street, and took snapshots of cool things, I never once looked up at the sky. When I left the house I returned to quickly grab my forgotten sunglasses because as you walk to the east the sun is bound to get in your eyes eventually and I hadn’t noticed that the glasses hadn’t left their perch at the top of my head for the duration of the walk.

I looked up. The storm clouds above me instantly set my fight or flight response into high drive. It was going to pour any minute and I was probably three quarters of a mile from home. No umbrella. Thrilled about my new morning walking routine, I didn’t stop to look at the weather for the day and left home without a jacket or umbrella as insurance against the rain I would have known about had I checked the weather app. I turned immediately toward home, hoping for the best. This is only a small example of my limited powers of observation as usually, I’m too preoccupied inside myself, like a clueless meditator.

Today the sun is shining but it won’t keep me from checking the weather app for any surprises ahead.

2 thoughts on “Observation”

  1. I’m not even kidding, I’ve often wondered what it’s like to live somewhere where the weather changes rapidly. For me it meanders like an old man strolling through the park. If it begins to rain, it only sprinkles, sprinkles take time to turn into something more, if they ever do. They usually don’t. Just pitter-patter all day long. The sky carelessly grey. It sounds lovely, romantic even, to be caught in a sudden rain storm.

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