Best Laid Plans

How does this sound? You’ve cleaned up the morning dishes, cleaned up your writing room (it is the first room in the house as you come in the door and gets loaded up with coats, mittens, boots, nerf guns, you name it), the dishwasher is humming away, the dryer is spinning in the next room. You’ve got a large mug of hot tea by your side, journal and pen in hand, ready to write down your writing goals for 2018. The house is quiet, surrounded in fresh white snow and the family is at work and school and the dog is planted at your feet. Cozy, huh.

That was my intention today. It’s not how it went, though. Instead Liam had a snow day and I decided I better do some work from home because work has suddenly got super busy with beginning of the year reports to create and other things. Except I forgot my laptop at work! So at 6:45 a.m. I found myself greeted by a frigid morning as I made my way to my car to get to work. I stayed at the office for a few hours and then promised Jim I’d relieve him of parenting duties so I dragged my laptop back home to finish some work before I could spend time on my previously promised writing goal setting for the year.

Well folks, it’s about 5:30 and I just finished up my work today and my mind is completely frazzled, I’m in no condition to set goals right now. I was really looking forward to this day – my first Friday off without a kid, errands or illness since early November! While I don’t have anything specific written down yet, I do have a few ideas in mind and I hope to find to work on them tomorrow.

While I was working, I did listen Oprah’s book What I Know For Sure and came away with a big dose of inspiration about following my dreams.┬áSo here’s to best laid plans and making the best of things!



Read to write

my readingThis tweet from Lauren Groff (who I’ve never read but may have to change that next year) resonated with me and where I am at this stage. I haven’t been writing and that’s ok. I used to feel guilty or embarrassed or something that I professed to want to be a writer and yet not write and then I made myself write every day whether it be in my journal, on a random scrap of paper or in the drafts section of WordPress, never to see the light of day. I have over 20 drafts in my WordPress folder if anyone is counting.

Back in October, I was so excited to have Fridays free to write when I went to a four day work week. Guess what? That time began to fill with other things mainly related to parenting and home life. I finished up my Thursday night writing class a couple weeks ago having missed half of the eight sessions because even when I try, I find it impossible to put myself first for fear I’ll disappoint someone else.

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