Daily Blogging Challenge

In my internet wanderings yesterday, I happened across a post at See Jane Write about a daily blogging challenge for the month of November. I thought to myself, wow, people really blog daily, and then, no way could I do that. However, the thought kept niggling away at my brain until I was saying heck yeah! Challenge accepted!

I was hoping to have some guidance on how to make this a reality and luckily, upon further review, the post had some suggestions on how to successfully #bloglikecrazy for an entire month. Typically I don’t put a ton of thought into the topics I write about. That’s pretty clear, right, since I don’t blog very often and then they are about random things. My posts tend to grow out of a particular situation presently occurring in my life.

The best suggestion was to brainstorm a list of topics organized by the categories of your blog. I haven’t created many categories even though this blog is almost a year old. I’ve typically talked about writing and the electronics ban we instituted last spring, which I haven’t really followed up on and is somewhat still in effect. Blog topic!

I decided to list out some topics and maybe create the categories out of that. I’m quite adept at doing things backward. This was a good warmup and I was surprised by the variety of topics I came up within a 30 minute period. They may not be of much interest to the general population but it at least gives me a place to start and I’m sure life will continue to serve up opportunities for content as well.

I’m really excited about the challenge and would love to know if you are doing it too so we can cheer each other on. I could also use some pointers about how you find artwork for your blog and other tips to help with the challenge.

Happy writing! This is going to be surreal🙂




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