Blogging from my phone

We are in an age where we can always be connected if we want. I don’t always want to but that’s a topic for another post. Over the past several days I’ve been traveling and have used my phone to create blog posts. For someone who prefers their desktop above all else, this has been pretty interesting. The best part might be using autofill to generate words since I only use one thumb to type. Maybe there should be a new typing class that helps us navigate the smaller keyboard. I see people frantically typing away with two thumbs all the time and I’m always impressed!

This morning I can’t get into my computer which I need to do my job. So reliant on computers are we that we freeze up when we can’t get access to them. But alas, I have my phone and decided to use the time to create my daily (um, multi-weekly?) post.

Last night at dinner with some friends we got on the subject of Bitmoji’s (yes we have very highbrow discussions) and this morning, when I was meant to be in the shower, I found myself creating my Bitmoji, which was quite fun but when it came to choosing clothes, I had quite a hard time. I’m pretty sure Bitmoji’s target audience does not include my age demo of 50 plus. While I like to be stylish, I steer away from short skirts and gym attire, both of which are in abundance here.

And so I’ve found an area of the internet that still remains untapped: creating stylish clothes for the sophisticated women of the animated persuasion. Can we induce Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Ann Taylor to design something for our aging bodies?


And there you have my first go at a character creation that doesn’t really resemble me (not enough hair choices – mine is a bit shorter with blonde highlights). I’m not keen on the outfit either. What? We have much bigger things to concern ourselves with? You may think this is some kind of dubious time waster. I do agree but sometimes it’s great to kick back and have a little harmless fun (even at my age).

Oh, I’m no longer locked out. Time to get to work!


3 thoughts on “Blogging from my phone”

  1. I only type/text on a phone with one thumb as well. It is certainly limiting! But I have found (through 2+ years of blogging) that some of my more urgent posts come out easier using a phone. Whereas my longer, more developed pieces require a computer. Isn’t blogging such a funny thing, especially when habits start to set? šŸ™‚

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