NYC Take Two

Over the weekend we made another quick trip to NYC. I could probably stay a week and still call it a quick trip, there’s always so much I want to do. A couple months ago a friend asked if we’d like to go with them and of course I didn’t hesitate. Our sons were in daycare together and although they parted ways after kindergarten we have kept in touch and get together with and without the boys several times a year.

There was nothing on the agenda for this trip and on the train ride down we bandied around some ideas. A show, the Met and one my bucket list items to skate at Rockefeller Center (the giant Christmas Tree that overlooks the rink was being hoisted on Saturday and the rink was closed). We made our way to our separate hotels which were a couple blocks apart and regrouped at noon to grab some lunch. It’s often hard to make decisions in a group on where to dine but pizza was agreed on and we quickly made our way to John’s Pizza in Time Square, a reliable place to grab a few slices if ever there was one. Their salads are pretty good too.

times-square-vert1Once our crew was fed and happy again, we wandered over to the half-price Broadway ticket line. There was a pretty solid wait but it gave us a chance to ponder the show offerings. This is where being with a group gets tricky. We needed to decide on our top two or three choices. School of Rock, Cats and The Play That Goes Wrong. Their son wanted to see Newsies, a show about current events and we thought a lot of it might go over their heads. The play line is in a different spot altogether so we quickly scrapped that idea.

As we worked our way up the line we settled on School of Rock and Cats but I’m pretty sure it was a compromise all around since we’d also tossed a few other shows in the mix such as Blue Man Group, The Bubble Show and even though I’ve seen it a few times, I thought Phantom of the Opera would be a good one for the kids. One show that didn’t enter into consideration was Sponge Bob. No explanation needed.

Our first choice didn’t work out and we ended up with tickets to Cats, a show we were unsure of the plot, even as we left the theater that night. The costumes, dancing and singing did not disappoint and we were satisfied we’d made a good choice.

It was pretty darn cold in the city so after we acquired our tickets we took the boys for a sugar fix at the Hershey store and it was CLOSED! The M and M store is across the way and even though I don’t even like them I managed to eat half of Liam’s $14! bag while watching Cats. This is definitely a tourist trap! On every corner, there were boisterous men collecting money for the homeless and even though I wasn’t sure if it was legit, I dropped some money in their box. It’s so hard to see the homeless sleeping on the streets near Time Square especially as winter is coming our way.

We went back to our rooms to chill before the play and I settled in with Little Fires Everywhere until I fell asleep. The husbands decided to use their downtime in a nearby Irish pub so all parties were happy. We were still full from our lunch so we opted out of dinner and headed to the show a little after 7.

As I said, the show was great even though it has never been on my list to see and since it’s closing at the end of December, the timing was perfect. On the walk back to the hotel we tried to discern the plot with little luck and just agreed the show, on its face value, was pretty spectacular.

images (1).jpg

The last time we were in the city we stayed at the same place and my husband was intrigued by a bagel shop across the way that had a line out the door both on Saturday morning when we arrived and late Sunday when we left. He decided to get up at seven on Sunday to beat the line and find out what the fuss was about. Thirty minutes later he arrived with three bulging bagels – cream cheese for us and salmon for him. We were all impressed.

The next part of the trip mirrored our last one: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral followed by a trip to the Met. Our friends had member access to the Michaelangelo exhibit which was in preview, so we tried to get a look at some of the sketches, paintings, and sculptures the Met had amassed for the exhibit. Unfortunately, about 10,000 other people had the same idea and I was only able to see and listen to the audio tour for about 20 minutes before Liam said he was absolutely going to die of thirst unless he had something to drink. I wanted to see some European paintings so I quickly agreed to take him to the cafe if he promised he’d let me look at some paintings uninterrupted afterward.


I found this selfie when I was going through my pictures


Haha. Before you knew it, it was time to catch a Lyft back to our hotel for our bag and walk the few blocks to Grand Central so we’d get home at a decent hour. Last time I promised myself the next trip to the Met would be a solo one and this time I mean it! As we left behind the noise and excitement of city life (honking cars, ambulances, police cars and the general din of city life) to our quiet corner of the world I couldn’t help but think about how fortunate we are to live so close to such a treasure.


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