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We’re leaving for New York City in two hours so I thought I better write my post before we go, so here I am at 6 a.m. in bed with my laptop and a bit of a sore throat. There’s no time to be sick around here. I prefer my desktop computer for writing but I don’t want to get out of bed just yet – I’m feeling too cozy. I might pause for a second to get coffee.

OK, I’m back, coffee at my side. I’ve also prepared a cocktail of Alka-Seltzer Plus cold to tamp down whatever’s building in my system. No one wants to be tromping around NYC not feeling well and I hope it does the trick. Now I need my reader glasses to write this without straining the eyes. The joys of aging. Back again. I realize I don’t like this little laptop because it does some crazy stuff without my knowing how it does it. Suddenly the cursor will be in the middle of a word three lines up and I’m messing up the post. I feel like I’ve already put too much effort to write this in bed that I can’t give up on it.

So far I’ve written about nothing yet. Two hundred words of nothing. What topic do I want to tackle today? Let’s talk about writing tools. Several months ago I discovered an app called Grammarly , an app that, you guessed it, helps you correct your grammar as you write. I corrects spelling, punctuation and even rewords passages for you which you can either accept with a click or ignore. I usually ignore since this isn’t a foolproof app.

Every week I get an email with a recap of my grammar improvements for the week and I have just ignored them until last week. I spied the message preview and saw this:  You’ve set a new personal record in the vocabulary category! Whose interest wouldn’t be peaked by that? Of course I clicked.

It breaks down your writing in the categories of productivity (how many words you wrote), accuracy (how many alerts you were shown), vocabulary (how many unique words you used) and then it gives you the option to upgrade to check out the advanced mistakes you made. This is pretty cool. It also shows how you’re doing compared to other Grammarly users and there is my new record in the vocabulary category – I used 1,373 unique words and that’s 93% more unique words than other Grammarly users. Yay for me! It’s small victories like this that can keep you going!

Another tool I started using yesterday was an app (or a program?) called Scrivener. I decided to take a peek at the novel I started over the summer and this is a tool for writing in a format that will be ready for publishing when it’s complete. I copy and pasted my intro and started  summarizing the characters on note cards on a virtual bulletin board. That’s as far as I went. I’m currently doing a 30 day trial and here’s the cool thing about this trial period. Only the days you write and use the app count towards the trial. I had installed it a few weeks ago but yesterday was the first time I opened it and got going so I still have 29 days of use and they don’t have to be concurrent days.

i would describe myself as a bit of a neophyte when it comes to blogging. I decided to join a few blogging groups on Facebook but I’m finding it all a bit confusing. One of my goals for this month is to figure out how to do this better and increase visitors to my site. I figure by the end of the month I’ll have a better handle on it. Do you have any particular tools you use for writing or blogging?

Happy writing!


11 thoughts on “Keep writing”

  1. I also downloaded Grammarly but sometimes I turn it off then on again when I am finished so the pesky edit balloons don’t get in the way. I also find it is a wee bit heavy on the commas. Not a perfect app as you state.

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  2. I love both the apps you suggested. Someone told me to try Sound Writer so I can dictate in Spanish and analyze sentence structures, etc. I imagine it would work for English and writing novels, too. Hope you feel better! This cold has been pesky.

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  3. I got a sample for review when it came out. I didn’t like it because it had a LOT of glitches, including that popping cursor. Also, because it didn’t understand slang or anything other than standard business English. On top of that, they wanted (this was a year and a half ago? something like that) $12/month if you wanted to keep it. I said that was far too expensive and I wouldn’t keep it at that price. After which I deleted it from my system. It wasn’t for me anyway. I’m a casual writer. Grammerly was glitchy, staid, and overpriced. Not my cuppa. But it has been a while. Maybe it has improved.

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  4. I downloaded grammarly awhile back and sometimes I find it’s very useful (particularly as I have vision problems) and it lets me know there’s an error. I do find their corrections annoying on occasion as it wants to change something I believe is perfect. Having said that, I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. I haven’t downloaded anything else but the year is young yet! mwhaha

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