I will write today

A cup of coffee and a blank page. Must be Friday morning. Again, I didn’t post yesterday for the daily blog challenge for the month of November. Wednesday night’s post was written in bed at 10:00 p.m. after traveling home from Chicago and then catching up with the family.  Yesterday was catching up on work, a meeting that ran late and then rushing to get to the annual mother child dinner for Liam’s school. I was pretty exhausted and didn’t feel like socializing and being in a noisy environment with only one hearing aid didn’t help. The other one broke on Sunday afternoon just as I was to head to the conference.

We got through the night and on the ride home all I could think about was going directly to bed. As soon as we got home (it was after 9:30 at this point), Liam wanted to watch TV because there wasn’t school in the morning. I knew if I let him stay up while I went to bed, he’d be up very, very late so I argued with him for about 15 minutes before I finally used a little bribery to get him to bed. Again it was 10:00 before I got into bed and a blog post wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t even muster up fifteen minutes of reading time and was asleep when my head hit the pillow.

This morning I got my cleaning done and now here I am, coffee in hand with a page that is no longer blank. Liam is tucked away on the couch watching television (my bribe from last night) and I’m free to write. Over the summer I started a novel. I took an online writing course and it was full steam ahead (well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration) as I met deadlines and encouraged other writers in the process. Of course I felt that what everyone else was writing was far superior than mine. This morning while browsing on Twitter I found an article about the top 10 books an agent doesn’t want to see land on their desk. Whew, I didn’t see my novel type in the list.

So today’s blog is really much about nothing and I couldn’t even find a place to work in the daily prompt so here it goes. I will definitely strut if my book is published someday which is currently a pipe dream. But first the work has to get done.

Happy writing!


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