30 drafts!

Egad! Thirty drafts in my folder. I haven’t posted here in nearly two weeks but I have so many uncompleted thoughts in my drafts. I don’t know what the issue is but I’m profusely embarrassed or at least somewhat disheartened that I’ve put writing on the back burner again.

In early January, I spent about 20 minutes on my resolutions. I wrote them in a brand new fancy notebook with a brand new fancy pen and then haven’t looked at them again. I know somewhere in there is a promise to write more. Especially on Fridays when I’m off from work. I did manage to do this two weeks ago and got started on a new novel that came rushing out of me faster than I could type it. I spent a couple of hours just hammering out the words. I reread them and thought this could really go somewhere and then the next day I thought it was complete shite! That was also the day I locked myself out of the house.

The main issue is that I am desperately in need of a routine. I love routine but I just cannot get it together and I have to wonder why. Why can’t I say I’m going to do this and then just do it? It’s like I am totally inept at writing resolutions. I am getting somewhere with my resolution to run, and I’m much better with meal planning and I’m even managing to remember to bring my lunch to work so I can eat healthier.

Tomorrow is a brand new Friday. I resolve to get my cleaning and errands done today so I can get back to writing again. Even if it is shite.

Please give me some inspiration. What is your writing routine?




13 thoughts on “30 drafts!”

  1. LOL. I’ve never heard anyone say they routine before. I’d rather shave my head than be bound by them 🙂
    But having said that I am trying to get into the routine (I’ll call it a ritual) of writing for at least 30 minutes every night when my son goes to bed.

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    1. I think routine is my way of trying to take control of everything:) I actually have gotten quite adept at going with the flow but sometimes that means I can’t get the things I want done when I want them if that makes sense. Right now I’m at the stage where I’m beyond ready for bed when my son (age 11) goes to bed so I don’t think writing at night will work for me right now. I’ll glad you found a good ritual. I like that better than routine too!

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    1. Yes, I’m glad I’ve at least got some drafts. Some of them are only a couple of sentences though:) I guess I just couldn’t find the inspiration to finish any of them. We will commiserate together!

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  2. There you are! I was beginning to wonder where you were! I can’t seem to develop a routine for anything, unless everything around me is already all sorted out and at hand. However, it would seem that some folks are just “built” that way — to write (or whatever) when inspiration visits, and sometimes, maybe even mostly, it goes nowhere once it gets out of one’s head and onto paper. Everyone who offers writing advice, though, says two things consistently: Write for at least ____ (a certain amount of time every day), and read!

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    1. I agree some people are just built that way. I am not:) I do agree on your advice about writing and reading every day and I have the reading part down pretty well. I think what I’ll do is schedule writing into my calendar and do it at lunch even if it’s for a half hour. If I can just tackle some drafts, I’ve already got the ideas built. Happy writing to you!

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  3. Wish I could offer some sound advice but I am sure we all go through what you have been going through. I am in the same boat. My routine is to write first thing in the morning before other things interrupt my writing but apparently I have been having a dry spell as well because someone once contacted me and told me that my friends are missing my posts. My routine, if one can call it that, is to write either first thing in the morning before we actually start our day or last thing at night before closing my eyes trying to get some sleep. Even though we are retired, it seems as though our days are so full we wonder when we even had time to work. But, I am sure mine is but a phase that I am going through and surely I will get back in the habit of writing on a daily basis again and hopefully you will to. Hang in there!.


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