Catching up

I wanted a coffee in the worst way this morning. Part of my healthier eating routine is to forgo coffee due to the cream and sugar I use but since I had a bowl of ice cream last night, I’m pretty sure I’m not doing so well with it. So I thought I’d just cheat a little and have that coffee but someone has my back because we are nearly out of cream and the expiration date on it is tomorrow. I bought this cream before I gave up coffee (around Christmas) so I’m not about to drink something that’s about to go off. Tea it is.

And so every time I sit down to write on my day off, I’m greeted by this face. You can imagine this presents a bit of a problem. He is puzzled why I’m not going to play with him all day instead of doing boring human things.

IMG_0288 (1)

All I had to do was give him a treat and he happily goes to the kitchen to gnaw away on it. If only life was so simple for all of us.

I was dreaming last night that I was RUNNING. And it was FUN and EASY! Then I woke up all sore and felt like I’d actually been running which I have not yet to find is fun or easy. I’m doing it though. Several days over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten myself to the gym (and I haven’t received a single message from them that they miss me – yes, I got a lot of these during the month of December and I’m not sure how to feel about them) and did my run walk routine for 15 minutes, then 20 minutes and I’m now at 30 minutes. I do feel it’s getting a bit easier.

We are now in full ski season in the cold, snowless Northeast. Luckily, the ski areas we visit are good at making the fake stuff. Liam has ski club on Friday evenings and I’ve been tagging along as chaperone so my Fridays off have turned into half a day which is why writing on Friday has taken a back seat. I decided I’m going to take the day off today since there are so many chaperones. Last week my feet hurt so bad after an hour of skiing that I was going to call it a night. One of Liam’s friends asked if I’d ski with him and he’s got these big brown eyes you can’t say no to. Before I knew it, I had four 10 to 12 year old boys (excluding my own since he’s learning to snowboard) heading to the top of the mountain. The one with the big brown eyes veered off the trail onto a big patch of ice and I found myself getting out of my skis to get him righted around. His skis were going in opposite directions and he was upside down! I think a night off is in order.

I’m not going to do much else but write for the morning with tea and Murphy as companions. I asked my husband Jim if he could leave work a little early today so we could see a late matinee of the movie The Post and then have a quick dinner before Liam gets home from his ski night. One way or another, we’ll at least go to dinner. We usually go out once a week as a family but it’s been a few weeks since we’ve gotten out at all (due to Friday night skiing). I’m really looking forward to our date night.


IMG_0289 (1)
Murphy, post-treat by my side.

Happy Friday and happy writing!


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