What to do on a snow day


Our corner of the world is having a snow day today! This is also about the time of year we all start grumbling about the cold and the endlessness of winter but I’m pretty happy about it because it will mean much better ski conditions this weekend. We’re at mid-winter and I’ve been wondering whether getting a season pass to ski is a good idea due to the unpredictability of the forecast. So far we’ve only used them twice but my friend assures me we’ll be skiing well into spring because the mountain is north of us in Vermont.

Snow days are a mixed bag around here especially when all of us are home (because I’m no fun and expect everyone to be doing chores since we have an unexpected day free and a messy house!). I worked in the morning but when I came home, Jim and Liam had not moved much (reading and watching TV). I whipped into a frenzy cleaning the kitchen and then announced there would be no more TV today. From there Liam inundated me with “what can I do’s”. He decided to use his wheelies around the house (which I’ve asked him not to do sooooo many times) and I’m running around with bare feet thinking he’s going to run over my toes.

I asked him to study for his tests tomorrow. He looked at me bewildered, as though studying was a foreign concept to him. I told him to go shovel or play in the snow (isn’t that what snow days are for?!) After I completed my power cleaning, laundry and vacuuming, I settled in on my quiet little loveseat in my writing room to finish a book I’ve been trying to get to all week. A minute later, Liam was buzzing in my ear, begging for his iPad (no) and then he decided to catalogue all the things I don’t let him do any more starting with eating outside. Apparently this has been bothering him for some time because he said we didn’t eat outside at all the past summer or the one before.

I begged him to let me finish my book. I pleaded with him to find something, anything to do. I was very tempted to tell him to go watch TV. Sometimes you get more than you bargained for on snow days. I always looked forward to these days when I was a kid so I try to remember that and not be such a wet blanket. I did remember I had a couple of gifts that came too late for Christmas which added a little excitement for him. One of the games was Rubik’s Race and that kept us busy for a while. I did manage to finish my book too so we both won a little. Jim was our number one snow blower and shoveler so we have to be thankful for that!

How do you like to spend your snow days?


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