Getting It Together

Last week, I mentioned I was going to try to do a video blog (vlog) because scrolling through YouTube, I don’t feel that real life is represented much. In fact it’s probably because I tend to follow people who are vlogging about fashion, home, family, organization and such that I’m not seeing people dealing with such realities as a messy home, forgotten homework and not quite togetherness. Does that make sense?

I was toying with starting my own channel where I would talk about how I’m still in the process of getting it together and while I *wish* to be all together at this point in my life, I’m still a ways off and probably won’t reach the pinnacle of some of the YouTubers I follow. That’s OK because I’m all about progress and not perfection. The things we do during the week to keep the family afloat (laundry, cooking, organizing, transportation, hugs and love) fill up the majority of time and I always have to make time for things I love too which include writing, reading, prowling twitter and sometimes exercising. I honestly don’t think I have time to be a YouTuber.

I did, however, create a quick introductory video and thought I’d upload it. It’s fairly raw since I only used the camera on my computer and I’m no professional when it comes to lighting, editing or design. So it’s a little awkward (at one point I noticed my morning snack was in the corner of the frame and I quickly took it to the kitchen). I was looking around for a tripod (I know we have one somewhere!) so I could use a more professional camera but gave up after a 30 minute search. I created a second video today talking about the frustration of email and how I missed one about family day at Liam’s religion class over the weekend. I wish I could do some quick editing but I will have to look into some software to help me do this.

Here it is! I’m not sure if I’ll be making many more because it has taken me so much time just to do the two videos (without even editing them).

3 thoughts on “Getting It Together”

  1. I applaud, first of all, your courage. It can be daunting for some to go public with a vblog, but you did it! You talked about being perfect. I don’t believe there is such a thing. Perfection is beyond our “human” ability. We always strive for improvement or perhaps to better ourselves, but in the end, “life” happens. It just happens. Events, illnesses, jobs, skiing, plans happen and change on a dime. I’m beyond delighted you chose to take Fridays off for you and your writing. It think it’s important, vital. This obviously was a necessary and important first step for you. It was delightful seeing you, hearing you, getting to know a bit about you. Now, when I see Mary C and that lovely picture of you, I’ll know more, feel more. It was wonderful, unexpected but delightful. I’ll definitely keep checking up to see what’s happening. Your writing, btw, is Perfect. I enjoy everything you write. I’m delighted to have found you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I definitely wasn’t sure about hitting the publish button on this one but figured what do I have to lose:). I agree that perfection is unattainable and we should only strive to improve and give ourselves a break when things go amiss as they so often do. Your words mean so much to me! Take care.


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