Blue skies above

Today is supposed to wrap up my Florida vacation but a storm in New York may keep me here for a couple more days. Jim has sent me a picture of our snow covered cars along with the news that school has been canceled. I have refrained from responding with a picture of my blue sky above. I guess I wouldn’t mind being stranded here a couple more days while the snow sorts itself out.

This is my cleaning day here. Time to do the laundry, run the dishwasher, vacuum and clean the bathrooms. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether I won’t be flying in the morning so I’ll have to do all this “just in case”. It’s ok though because cleaning this house is a piece of cake because we don’t have a lot of stuff here and I’ve been keeping it up as I go.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble (yay me!) and though I am on a shopping ban for Lent, I used some logic about Florida being a zone that won’t count as long as I’m not buying clothes and shoes which are my number one shopping problems. I managed to escape with just a couple of books about writing, a journal (I only have about 20 blank ones at home) and a puzzle which will come in handy if I’m snowed out (see what I did there?).

So I thought I’d treat myself to breakfast out, come home to clean, and because it’s only going to hit the mid-70’s today, it might be a nice day to take a trip to one of the coasts. Originally I had planned to take my dad to St. Augustine so I may do that anyway. On the other hand, I could stay home and work on my writing as I’ve been in the car so much this week. I wish I knew for sure what’s happening with my flight because that would make the decision easier.

Have a great day in whatever you have planned!


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