Just Write!

I just got home from dropping dad at the airport and thought I’d take a look at my latest attempt at my book. Ugh, I cannot find the draft. I thought I had put it on a thumb drive and I spent ages the night before I left for vacation looking for it. I found the thumb drive in my this and that bag that I threw in my carry on and was beyond excited to have it with me. But the darn document is not on the drive and must be on my home computer. So much for that.

I guess I could restart which is a little disheartening or I could make an attempt at an outline which may be the better idea. The trouble is I don’t know where I want the story to go. It starts out with a confession by the main character and then trails back to the beginning of her life and that of her twin brother and the circumstances surrounding their (single) mother and her unplanned pregnancy. I almost feel like I need some sort of prompt to find a direction for the story.

My writing setup is perfect (for me) and how I imagined writing life. I’m on my Florida patio, the sun shining, a nice breeze and an icy glass of tea. There’s quiet music in the background and not a soul around save for a few geckos. I grabbed a fresh notebook and my fancy pen and here I am.

I recently finished The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. It was such a sweet novel about a couple who met in a broken down elevator at a hotel and by the time they got out, she was his plus 1 for a wedding that weekend. I loved theses characters and the dialogue was great. As I browsed twitter I saw she wrote that she had promised herself to start writing a new book the next day but it was so hard. If someone whose first book seemed so effortless (I know it wasn’t) was having a hard time starting, I might not have a chance at this.

I won’t get anywhere if I don’t try so here I go…


4 thoughts on “Just Write!”

  1. Absolutely. Getting your thoughts and ideas especially a beginning middle and end down, gives you something to work toward. You can edit and refine later. Let the ideas flow, type them or write as they come. I wrote one book by deciding on the characters first, heroine, perp, cop and outlined their strengths and weaknesses and the story wrote itself. lol No it’s not always that easy, snicker snicker

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