It’s a wrap on February

I had another post ready to go for my last day of daily blogging but I thought I’d save it. Yup, I finish my daily blogging challenge today. I did it! I failed miserably when I tried this in November but I think it’s already a pressure-filled time of year to have tried to add daily blogging to the list.

Today is also going to be my dad’s last day here. Unfortunately, a friend of his passed away and he needs to go home to offer his support to the family. We had such a great time catching up. I heard a ton of stories I never knew about him and now he’s transferred them to me. Hopefully, I can remember them all.

I feel like the week has gone so fast. We did a lot of pool, relaxing, reading time. My sister came for a visit and we shared a nice homemade dinner last night and then saw The Black Panther which we all enjoyed. Today the three of us went to daily mass (no funeral this time) and mom was remembered in the petitions. Thank you for all the nice notes left on yesterday’s blog. After mass, my sister went to her friend’s house and Dad and I went to see some pre-season baseball at Disney. The Mets were playing the braves and it was an exciting game with Tim Tebow taking a couple turns at bat for the Mets.

Dad’s now packed and ready to go in the morning and I’m sitting on the patio, lights dim and typing up my last post for the month. I can hear bits of conversation from the neighbor’s house behind us but it’s so peaceful and quiet. It might be a little too quiet once tomorrow night hits and part of me is thinking I should fly home too.

Feeling a bit melancholy as the week winds down.

1 thought on “It’s a wrap on February”

  1. Now you will have time to reflect moments spent with dad and transcribe the stories told to be handed down the generation. No dimming on that! Don’t you dare dim out as your Lenten fasting!


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