The people at the airport

When I’m flying solo, the experience is significantly more enjoyable for me (click here for exhibit A), particularly for an early morning flight as is the case today. I arrived at the airport earlier than I needed to be because I overestimated how quickly I’d be ready and we live about 5 minutes from the airport. Plus, I can never sleep the night before a flight as I have a deep seated phobia about missing my flight (this has happened twice).

The airport is prime people watching territory. There are business flyers, families, solos and there looks to be one group of ladies trip flyers (this group grew significantly and looks like a large group of college kids going on spring break!) Of course I’m curious where everyone is going and what they are doing at their end destination. My flight is going through Baltimore and Phoenix with a final stop of Santa Ana. Some of these people will likely be changing planes at any of these destinations.

I have honed in on the group of ladies because they are hard to miss (boisterous). Most of them are standing (even though we don’t board for another 30 minutes) so they can remain in their group just slightly across from me. Looking closer, a couple of these ladies have a similar look so they may be related and one of them looks like they could be a mom. Bachelorette getaway?

I also notice how people dress for an early morning flight. There are many leggings in the group. Businesss suits. Jeans and blazers. Sweat clothes. I used to dress strictly for comfort (gym clothes) when I flew but try to make more of an effort these days by making my flying outfit chic and comfortable. The shoes must be comfortable too. I always spy at least one woman with 4″ heels and I just don’t get it.

Then there are the announcements about things left at security. A tube of bacitracin? A cell phone? A driver’s license? I will not cast any stones after last week’s flight from Costa Rica (see the link referenced above).

From here we get to the boarding process. I’m flying Southwest so everyone will stand when they announce it’s time to board, even if they are in group C. There is the shuffle at the numbered area as you try to jockey for your place in line. Speaking of, we’re ready to board!


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