It’s Tuesday!


Yesterday was a lost day for me which is too bad because I had planned to get sooooo much cleaning and decluttering done. I found a new minimalist vlogger on YouTube and I binged her videos over the weekend (this is like the non-cook compulsively watching cooking shows!) and was ready to go. But then I realized our internet wasn’t working. Of course you don’t really need internet to clean, do you now? But I have a streak going on daily meditation and I use Headspace which says they need internet to proceed…

Thus began my day of trying to get the internet working. Technology! Apparently what happened is a major rain and lightening storm caused us to lose power Sunday night while we were at the movies. We rarely go to the movies but we dropped our son off at overnight camp Sunday and we were like two youngsters without rules or responsibilities and threw caution to the wind and went to an 8 p.m. showing of an almost 3 hour movie (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – two thumbs way down from me). The surge protectors were not doing their duty and our modem was fried.

Thinking that was my only problem, I went off to the mall to visit our friendly cable store for a replacement and that was the easiest part of this whole mess. The new modem was a snap to replace but then I realized our Google Wifi was also compromised. I love Google Wifi and we’ve had it for just over a year but the unit that connects to the modem was caput. Luckily the computer was just fine. It took the better part of the day, but I was able to use the cord from one of the Google units to fix the main unit and I got two of the wifi points working. Good enough.

I managed to do a good kitchen clean but by then my husband was home from work and we had to decide on dinner. After dinner he was going to iron which he usually does while watching TV but found it wasn’t working. You guessed it. Fried. Cable box in our bedroom. Also fried. I’m not sure why these surge protectors weren’t doing their job but it certainly turned into an expensive and exasperating Monday!

But Tuesday is a new day and with the internet working again, I can continue to binge on my minimalist and decluttering videos before I get up my motivation to tackle another room. Happy Tuesday to you.




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