Decluttering other people’s stuff

The things to keep pile

I feel like my writing has been all over the place these last couple of weeks. That is just the way life is, at least for me. I don’t have anything anchoring me down other than life as a wife and mom so my days are a bit at my whim, especially since Liam has been away at camp this week. There’s the ever-present tidying. Keeping an eye on Murphy who seems to be doing better – I honestly thought we were going to lose him this week. Trying to tweak my vision board which led me to Barnes and Noble yesterday, poring over the amazing variety of magazines they offer. I am so grateful I have time for things like this.

But so as not to feel like a total slacker, I attempted a cleanup and clear out of Liam’s bedroom yesterday, something I do a few times a year. I know at age twelve he needs to do this on his own and we fight over it often enough. He is a bonafide packrat (which he gets from his dad!), refusing to throw or give anything away. He says it’s his stuff and his room and he should be able to keep it the way he wants. I keep telling him that he can live however he wants when he has his own house, but our house needs to be cleaned!

Earlier in the summer, I pulled out three bins and asked him to fill them with 1) things to keep, 2) things to give away, and 3) things to toss. So far the things to keep bin is overflowing but the others are empty. Guess what we’ll be doing with his last week of freedom before school starts?! But because I also know of his reluctance to throw things out, I made a few executive decisions of my own yesterday and started tossing old school notes and workbooks that he will never look at again. I feel like I’m doing him a favor but there is a little voice in my head now. It’s the YouTuber who counseled against decluttering anyone else’s stuff.

I seriously want to declutter everyone’s stuff. In my dream world, I want to live in a house with clear counters and fewer things (vision board!). I keep telling myself that this is not my stage of life right now and this too will pass. There’s going to come a day when I miss having lacrosse equipment splayed across our office/mudroom floor, right? This is our messy season. This is the season of giant Pokémon and I’m trying to embrace it.




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