The energy of ideas

Yesterday I had a bunch of ideas about topics to blog about. I didn’t write them down and they have vanished, vaporized, gone. Does that happen to you? You’re in a groove, ideas are flowing and you’re sure you’ll NEVER forget them? So noted.

On the tail of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram post about writing I thought I’d pull out her 2015 book about creativity called Big Magic. I listened to the audiobook when it first came out and loved it so much I decided to pick up the hard cover edition to add to my writing inspiration library. She describes the magic of ideas: how they come to you and how they disappear if you don’t act on them. She illustrates it with an example from her life about a book idea she worked on until her personal life got in the way of her project and how she’d lost the passion for it when she tried to return to it. Poof, it had disappeared.

She talks about how ideas are energy and they are looking for a human to bring them to life but you have to be open to receiving them. And if you don’t take up this particular project, it will move on to someone else. Have you ever had an idea and saw it pop up somewhere else? Someone else brought your idea to life? This happened with that particular book project. Someone else wrote the book.

This got my attention. I decided I better start paying attention to my ideas. Write them down. Be open and see where they go.


3 thoughts on “The energy of ideas”

  1. Funny you should mention writing ideas down when they strike you. Had to wake at 2 AM to take some medicine and after I took the meds, I laid back down and all sorts of ideas for something to write about went through my head. The good part was that I had several one-word clues that I thought would make me remember what it was I was going to write about. But did I get back up and write the words down – no – I was too interested in getting back to sleep so that I would get up in time for my next dose. Then when I did wake – how did you say it – “Poof” – they were gone. Oh, some of the words came back but the ideas regarding what I would write about did not. Back to the drawing board!

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