What’s in my bag? Traveling light

Frontier Airlines charges you ala carte for all your travel needs. From checked luggage to carry-on to seat assignments, there is a fee for that. But if you are traveling light, it’s possible to scoop up a really good deal! Today I’m heading to Orlando with nothing but a personal item which will fit under the seat in front of me. This wouldn’t be at all possible without having a fully stocked home on the other end of my flight. I don’t need clothes or toiletries so that makes it a heck of a lot easier to do.

What’s in my bag? Mainly books. I’ll have my iPad Pro, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, The 6-Minute Diary, my Big Dreams journal which is part prayer book, part vision board and part darn good advice I’ve clipped along the way. I have a small bag of makeup, some electronics related stuff (cord, charger, headphones) and my card case with a little cash. And it wouldn’t be a trip without a well stocked Kindle.

Looking forward to some time in the Florida sunshine while enjoying our future retirement home. It is really the perfect time to be there because I usually come home re-invigorated to de-clutter because our Florida house has the perfect amount of stuff and no clutter. I will be ready to roll up my sleeves and tackle my clutter project in a weeks time.


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