A vision for 2020


Hello and Happy New Year! I have been thinking about writing every day and missing this space and I realized that with every passing day it was getting harder to return. I haven’t been writing. Again. But it’s all good. I haven’t been without routine these past few weeks but I’ve been at a loss on where to fit the writing in. You have to just get started somewhere, so here I am.

A few days ago I learned about a website called A place to write privately, unfiltered and spontaneously as the ticker at the bottom counts out your words. It was a place to get started again. It came out in drips at first, like a conversation with a friend you haven’t spoken to in years and then as footing is gained, the words spill out, catching them up on what you’ve been up to during your time apart.  It gave me the momentum to come here and do the same.

For 2020 I stumbled on a wonderful idea which was to make a memory box and decorate it with images of what I want out of the year ahead. I picked a “word of the year”, ABUNDANCE, and clipped pictures that align with my intentions. Joy, laughter, health, family, faith, love, balance, creativity. I didn’t have room on my box for all the images, so I put those inside the box and take them out when I’m doing my morning meditation. I am creating a life of abundance for today and tomorrow and I already feel it working in my life with unexpected blessings.


The second part of the intention box idea is to write yourself a letter each month about how you are progressing on what you are trying to manifest for yourself in the year ahead. I like this too but I’m also thinking how to incorporate my daily practice of using the 6-Minute Diary which I’ve been doing since September 1st and it is nearly complete. This has been pivotal in improving my mindset around positivity, gratitude and happiness by focusing on the good things in my life. It’s quick and easy and impactful.

This is very different from setting specific goals. It’s kind of like thinking about things I want my life to look like and then having the Universe tell me what to do to achieve them. Instead of losing weight, I want to be healthy. Instead of saving money, I want to be  happy with what I have. Instead of wishing for better relationships, I want to work at them. Behind all this is my faith. I pray on it. Meditate on it. It becomes engrained. It just happens.




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