Tuesdays with Mary

Tuesdays have not been good for me lately. A couple of Tuesdays ago we had a snowstorm to clean up and unfortunately, one of my very expensive hearing aid got lost in the snow. The next days were a flury of phone calls to see if I could get it replaced and who would pay. There were representatives from Cochlear, my insurance, my audiologist, back to insurance, back to Cochlear, making and canceling appointments with an ENT (I don’t currently have one!). There was a brief moment of joy when my insurance said they’d cover it but when the dust settled, it was determined we have to pay a hefty co-pay (a bit over two thousand). So much for the rainy day fund! Anyway, I learned not to put my hearing aids in my pocket during a snowstorm.

Another Tuesday morning brought more snow. This time it was layered over a thin sheet of black ice in our driveway and when I went start my car, warming it up to bring my son to school, bam, I slipped and went right down. Immediately I knew it wasn’t just a twisted ankle. There was a pop and when I tried to stand up, my foot wouldn’t hold me. Gingerly I crawled back to the house, made it to the door and yelled for help from my son who was getting dressed for school. My husband had left for work early and I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive so quickly made the decision to do virtual school for the day. Thank God for Covid, right?!

So the bone just above my ankle (the fibula) has a sideways break. Did I mention this is my driving leg? At urgent care they put me in a boot with a follow up appointment to see a foot specialist and the determination was surgery in a couple of weeks. You see, my husband and son and I had tentative plans to go to Florida Friday (today!) and I was going to send them and stay home and work on my writing in a quiet house, no interuptions. It was something I have been dreaming of for weeks with the relentless togetherness of Covid, it was going to be a welcome break for all of us.

This is when God laughs at you, the plan maker. Hahaha. I am basically useless on my own now as I have been mandated a pair of crutches and an admonition not to put any weight on my foot. I need my people more than ever. The doctor was compassionate and told me to go to Florida, get a little rest. We can do surgery when you get back. And so here I am on the morning I was going to wisk my loved ones off for a week in the sun, now hastily packing a few things, deciding whether to bring my crutches or the handy little leg cart someone lent me for my infirmary. Let’s hope this Tuesday doesn’t bring any new surprises. At least I know it won’t bring snow.


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