School locker move in day



Last year was the first time I participated in a school locker move in of any sort. Maybe I should rewind a bit. From first through third grade, Liam was at a boy’s only school (pre-k and kindergarten were co-ed). His classes were small and the teaching and development was geared toward boys, keeping in mind their need to take a break from school work every couple of hours to burn off some energy outside. This worked well, but enrollment was too low and before he entered fourth grade, the school became co-ed. It was a matter of finances and solvency for the school which had an excellent reputation for preparing boys for High School and beyond.

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Letting our kids grow up

Children at school classroom

Hello, readers! Today I’m tackling a hairy parenting topic known as letting our kids grow up and find their way. I feel this is necessary after I witnessed a meet and greet with a new teacher this week that can only be described as a well intentioned assembly that went off the rails. Yes, it’s late in the school year. Yes, our school had to replace one of their teachers (who I previously wrote about here). Yes, we can do this.

If you don’t want to click the link for the backstory, here’s a brief synopsis of the issue. New teacher acts inappropriately many times. New teacher enjoys a great deal of “bathroom/locker room humor” with 10-14 year olds. Kids, of course, love said teacher because he acts like a peer and not an authoritative, adult teacher. Teacher not a good fit and leaves with seven weeks to go in the school year. I don’t know all the whats and whys behind the leaving but I trust the school did what was appropriate. Yesterday we got to meet his replacement, a highly qualified individual with a doctorate, and from what I could tell from his message to parents, many years experience with a variety of grade levels and sound teaching practices.

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