School locker move in day



Last year was the first time I participated in a school locker move in of any sort. Maybe I should rewind a bit. From first through third grade, Liam was at a boy’s only school (pre-k and kindergarten were co-ed). His classes were small and the teaching and development was geared toward boys, keeping in mind their need to take a break from school work every couple of hours to burn off some energy outside. This worked well, but enrollment was too low and before he entered fourth grade, the school became co-ed. It was a matter of finances and solvency for the school which had an excellent reputation for preparing boys for High School and beyond.

Things got tricky when the girls matriculated and I was completely caught off guard when I found out the kids were having crushes and pairing up. Yup, in fourth grade! I know it’s fairly innocent at this age but it left me a bit unsettled. The girls brought a very different energy to the school and it was good in many ways but it also lost some of the reasoning behind single sex education, particularly in middle school when hormones begin to emerge.

The difference was also on display on locker set up day last year. We had purchased the necessary supplies, straight from the list and carried them to his assigned locker. The hallway was chaotic with the sounds of pre-teen girls and their moms, arms loaded down with mirrors, wallpaper, magnets and yes, a locker chandelier. Apparently there was a locker decorating party and we didn’t get the invite. I had only purchased one off list item, and that was a magnetic pen holder that attached to his door and I thought I was being so innovative! I had no idea about this locker decorating trend, but to be honest, I probably would have been all over it if such a thing existed in my youth.


Fast forward to last night and locker move in for middle school at his new, all boys school. Not a single locker decoration in sight. We are all starting a new page here and I think I was more nervous than Liam about the year ahead and making new friends. Last night did a lot to ease my mind because the school couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly.  Here’s to fresh starts and a great new school year.



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